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Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

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The Astro Advantage!
In addition to the many other capabilities that the Astro organization can provide, our experienced cable assembly and wire harness division can supply what you need…either as a separate requirement, or as part of a large package, kit, assembly, or final product. High or low volume…Discrete wire…multi-conductor cable…flat ribbon cable…large and complex, or small and simple…electromechanical assemblies…panels and power supplies…coax cable…customer specified components and wire. This shows that we are truly the Single Source Solution for ALL of your manufacturing needs.



Quality is of prime importance. We perform in-process inspection of each step during the assembly process. Upon completion, all cables are visually inspected, and then all are tested electronically on our computer-linked testing equipment. These extra steps, which are not performed by all companies in the industry, ensure that your order is ready to go right to production without concerns over failure.

Experience / Engineering

Our assemblers have many years of experience in the cable industry. All are tested, and then trained, to ensure that they are able to meet the quality standards that you expect. Astro has on staff Electrical Engineers, who can assist with any suggestions, changes, or questions that might arise.

Industries Served

The Astro cable group has manufactured cable assemblies and wire harnesses for a wide variety of companies. End user applications include: medical, inspection, testing, processing, PC boards, military, industrial, scientific, research, aerospace, and more.

Stocking / Blankets

We specialize in blanket orders, where we will stock raw materials and finished goods for the customer. We can follow your forecast to ensure uninterrupted delivery of completed, tested cable assemblies when you need them. Astro presently performs this service for many companies.


We provide personalized service, with fast response time to your quotes and questions. Astro can move quickly to get your order into production to help you meet your delivery requirements.


Astro has state-of the-art automated equipment and tools from manufacturers like Tyco/Amp, Molex, Panduit, Hirose, Amphenol, Komax, Eubanks, and others. All machines, equipment, and tools are calibrated and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and ISO requirements. This ensures consistent high quality products for our customers.


·  Multiple conductors

·  Cable and connector

·  Simple assembly

·  Small harness

·  Built to customer specs

·  Complex-Wire-Harness

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