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CNC Routing

Astro Manufacturing and Designoffers four five-axis CNC routers to accommodate all of your CNC routing needs. Primarily for use with plastics, our CNC routers are also appropriate for routing metals. The table size of each CNCrouter is 5' x 10', but they may be split to create independent 5' x 5' surfaces. The bridge height of each routing machine is 36" and all CNC routers have double ended router motors with dotco air routers attached to the side, enabling us to hold 3 different tools for part processing. As a result of the efficiency and precision of our CNC routing machines, we’re capable of providing fast and accurate CNC routing service. To learn more about CNC routing with Astro Manufacturing and Design, please see below.

Plastic Fabricating

To meet your early development needs and production requirements, Astro Manufacturing, Inc. offers plastic fabricating services that quickly and efficiently deliver prototypes and short-run production components. We use advanced CNC machinery and laser cutting equipment to fabricate the highest precision parts attainable.
Astro's design engineers will support your staff throughout the entire course of your project. They'll work with you to solve design problems and recommend an efficient solution. All of this is done to guarantee your components are manufactured to the highest standards. Yours!

If you need a complete product development or plastic fabricating solution, Astro can manage your entire project - from ...

Urethane Molding

Astro Manufacturing and Design offers state-of-the-art urethane molding services that can create urethane models emulating a variety of specialized properties. Our urethane molding materials include water clear urethanes, polypropylenes, and other materials such as ABS. And with over 50 different types of molding material,including water clear urethanes, polypropylenes, and materials such as ABS, we’re sure we’ll find the solution that’s right for you.

An economical alternative to other costly molding processes, urethane molding provides cost effective solutions for the medical, electronic, automotive, toy, and food service industries. The urethane molding process is innovative, enabling us to replicate complex shapes, fine ...

Vacuum Forming and Thermo Forming

In comparison to other costly molding processes, Astro offers vacuum and thermoforming services that can significantly lower product and associated tooling costs. Vacuum Forming allows for high strength to weight ratios, efficient and quick prototyping and effective color and texture forming. Astro's highly skilled vacuum formers and technicians combine the skills of vacuum forming with the advantages of 3-D design software to provide you with precision products at competitive prices. We have the capacity for both small and large production runs and we can form products using a variety of materials, including clear and translucent plastics. Over the years, we have helped companies produce a number of innovative products, including control ...
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