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CNC Machining

At Astro Manufacturing and Design, we’re committed to meeting all your manufacturing needs. Our 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC machining services ensure that you receive the best in service and quality, whether you require precision parts, rapid turnaround, or have close tolerance needs. With our CNC machining, we provide CNC milling, turning, and grinding to accommodate a wide range of projects: Our CNC machining services are designed to handle everything from functional prototypes to plastic and metal components.

Many of our CNC machining milling machines are equipped with a fourth axis turntable so we can provide large volumes, and our CNC lathes feature live tooling to allow milling and tapping. Our in-house technology and our dedication to maintaining up-to-date and state-of-the-art machines ensures our CNC machining services are always one step ahead. To learn more about CNC machining with Astro Manufacturing and Design, please explore our CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC grinding categories.


Astro Manufacturing and Design understands the importance of product performance. That’s why our electrical discharge machining (EDM) services are designed to create complex shapes and components without sacrificing precision, quality, or performance. Featuring two EDM processes, wire EDM and sinker EDM, we provide our customers with the latest wire and sinker EDM technology. Our family of EDM machines is equipped to handle a wide variety of projects, all while maximizing cost savings.

Because our EDM processes are CNC controlled and our EDM machines feature multiple axes, we’re capable of cutting internal cavities in addition to simple and complex geometries, and we can achieve a high level of dimensional accuracy. Wire EDM services are typically designed to cut thick materials, and to manufacture products (such as tools and dies), from hard materials. Sinker EDM processes are typically used to machine complex components, with difficult angles, shapes, and sizes, including 3D components. To learn more about each of these EDM services, please explore our wire EDM and sinker EDM categories.

General Machining

Astro Manufacturing and Design has the in-house talent and machinery to handle all of your general machining needs. More than 30 general machinists with an average career span of 15 years are dedicated to providing you with superior precision and general machining service. No matter how large or complex the project, we'll provide you with fast, accurate service every time.

Our highly skilled machinists have access to more than 80 Bridgeports, featuring computerized digital readouts. Using this state-of-the-art technology and general machining processes, we can machine parts to your unique specifications.

We also use over 15 precision metalworking lathes, including Hardinge precision machines. This equipmentallows us ...

CNC Swiss Turning

With its extensive in-house capabilities, Astro Manufacturing & Design can truly handle almost any requirements you can imagine. For those projects that require small precise turning, Astro uses its high tech CNC Swiss Style Lathes.

These computer-networked machines use eight machining axes and live tooling for milling and tapping operations. These technologies allow Astro to consistently achieve machining tolerances within ± 0.0001". The end result of this advanced system of machining: Our customers gain increased product quality while the overall of producing the product or part is reduced.

Our experienced machinists and engineers can also help you save money by suggesting design improvements that will allow for ...

CMM Inspection

In addition to a wide variety of inspection tools and equipment, Astro Manufacturing and Design offers Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) inspection, including a fully programmable Zeiss system capable of extreme accuracy.

CMM inspection can be used to provide dimensional measurement, profile measurement, angularity measurement, depth mapping, and more—our CMM inspection machines are capable of handing diverse applications and providing you with precise results. Our advanced probing system and commitment to the latest technology ensures that we provide fast and accurate CMM inspection service, to accommodate all your needs.To learn more about our CMM inspection services, please see below.

Boring Mills

Astro Manufacturing and Design has the in-house resources to handle all of your large machining requirements. Our extensive collection of state-of-the-art machinery, including boring mills, and ourhighly skilled machinists allow us to provide you with superior boring service and precision parts.

Our boring mill department has several horizontal boring mills that can easily handle parts requiring a work envelope as large as 60" x 80" x 120". Using this boring mill machinery, we can quickly and accurately machine your parts to meet your unique specifications. To learn more about our boring mill service, please see below.
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