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Flat Component Scanning

Astro uses specialized equipment for fast and accurate inspection of flat components used in fabrication. Parts are simply placed on a glass screen and electronically scanned and measured. This process helps to ensure fabrication components within specification every time.

High Precision

At Astro, our commitment to the manufacturing of tight tolerance, precision components requires inspection tools and equipment with very close tolerance capability. Whether we are verifying medical components, aerospace components, military system components or any other component that has to be "perfect", you can be assured that we have the right device and right people to do the job.

Manual CMM

The Astro Quality Assurance team uses high accuracy manual CMMs to supplement a battery of height gages, micrometers, comparators, and other indicator tools to perform 1st piece, in-process and final inspections as specified to ensure the quality of what we produce.

Surface Plate Layouts

The nature of the work that we do frequently requires complete surface plate layout inspections with full inspection documentation to ensure our customers that we have the manufacturing process refined for the production of critical components. Surface plates are located in our quality assurance labs and, in some cases, on the manufacturing floor for convenient availability to those assigned critical verification work.

Programmable CMM

Astro uses extremely accurate programmable CMMs to perform extremely critical inspection work. When specified by our quality plans, components are programmed and routed through this equipment to ensure the required accuracy. In addition to inspecting our production, we also make programmed inspection available to our customers as a service at a nominal cost.


As an element of our overall quality management system, Astro Manufacturing quality planning includes inspection at key points within our manufacturing processes. Whether performed by our skilled machinists or by our trained and dedicated inspection personnel, physical inspections are used to help ensure that only parts within specification are passed on to our customers. As part of our ISO 9001:2000 system, Astro has documented company quality plans and inspection procedures. We also utilize statistical sampling plans and, where applicable, statistical process controls. In all cases, when customers specify flow-down quality requirements, including inspection requirements, the customer's specifications are adapted for the required work and ...
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