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Automation Systems

Astro Manufacturing and Design can design and build advanced automation systems to decrease cycle times and increase part quality, and we also feature automated testing systems. We provide complete design and build services, ranging from single station assembly machines to full automation systems requiring multi-component integration and assembly.
Our experienced engineers will work closely with you to develop the most cost effective, high output / low defect system for your test or assembly needs. Then, our skilled machinists and fabricators will manufacture, assemble, and test your system to your specifications.

With its extensive in-house resources, Astro Manufacturing and Design can maintain complete control of your ...

Machine Building

Whether you are seeking a test system, automation equipment, packaging equipment or equipment for some other specialized application, Astro will work with you to design and build a machine that meets your needs at a cost that fits your budget. Whether it is a modification or upgrade to your present equipment or a new design, Astro has the experience and personnel to build the machine you need.

Astro can either design and build a specialized automation machine or line to meet a specific customer need or build a machine to existing customer design and specifications.

Electro Mechanical Design

Astro Engineering offers design capabilities that incorporate both electrical and mechanical design as needed to build automation systems, automated test equipment, etc. for any specific customer requirement. We also offer reverse engineering on existing systems or system components.

System Integration

Astro engineering can integrate new equipment designed and built at our facility into your existing line. We are experienced in design, programming and integration of PLC and computer-based control systems and can design and build stand-alone equipment or equipment that directly integrates and complements your existing facilities and equipment.

Product Development

Our engineering team can also provide assistance in developing high quality new products that are both marketable and manufacturable. Our experienced product designers will work closely with you to transform your product idea into a finished product. Every step of the way, they'll help you improve your speed to market and reduce tooling, labor and manufacturing costs.

Astro has developed high quality products for numerous companies in the consumer, commercial, medical and automotive industries. We draw from this rich experience to suggest improvements to your overall product design. For instance, Astro will consider alternative manufacturing techniques and detail a process-friendly part - all in hopes of reducing your costs. The end ...

Turn Key Systems

Astro can take your concept to reality, working merely from your thoughts and ideas. The resulting design will be fully documented with engineering drawings, bills of materials and specifications and the equipment will be fabricated, assembled, tested and exercised in a final "run-off" totally within our facilities. At your option, your equipment can also be installed by Astro at your facility.

Testing Equipment

Astro has the capability to design and build complex test systems integrating PLC applications and other technologies to ensure the efficiency and accuracy that you require in automated testing of your components or products. Inspection functions required can be integrated through the use of many technologies, including machine vision systems.

Reverse Engineering

The Astro Model Development engineering team also provides convenient reverse engineering services. Using our portable CMM inspection devices, we can capture the specifications of an existing model or component, such as a casting, forging, machined part, or assembly, and create a mathematical representation (CAD model) of it.

Depending on your needs, Astro can then test, verify, and solve any quality or fit issues you may have. Measurements taken with the portable CMM inspection device can be used to create CAD files for complex internal detail.

Value Engineering

Let Astro Engineering review your design for cost reduction opportunities. Because we have in-depth experience as a manufacturer and precision machining house, we can critique designs using DFM as a guideline. Frequently our analysis leads to design or material change input that can significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing your product.
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